Expo Highlights

The 4G LTE Technology Expo 2017 will gather over 20 exhibitors who are leading technology corporations in telecommunications, media and security. A collection of cutting-edge products, solutions and technologies is on display, which provides excellent opportunity for exhibitors as well as delegates to showcase and stay abreast with innovative 4G LTE technologies.

  • Data center optimization
  • Asset & Data management
  • Network Virtualization
  • Cloud/CRAN-based 4G
  • IoT in 4G Networks

  • Hetnet
  • Cellsite test
  • RAN test
  • Network Broadband & Mobile applications
  • Self Organizing Networks
  • WAN connectivity

  • Chipset technology demo
  • VoLTE
  • 4G LTE integrated handset devices
  • Optical Spectrum Analysis
  • Network Security


4G LTE 2017 Exposition area aims to maximize value for Exhibitors by creating a central exhibit hall serving as the singular point of entry — the only way in and out of the conference space. Attendees must pass through the exhibit hall to get to the Conference room. The platform will help improve the attendee-to-sponsor ratio.

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