Mr. Pham Hong Hai, Vice Minister, Ministry of Information and  Communications


Mr. Vu Hoang Lien, The Chairman, Vietnam Internet Association


Mr. Thieu Phuong Nam, Director General, Qualcomm Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, Qualcomm Incorporated.


The overview of deploying 4G LTE - A in Vietnam

Mr. Tran Tuan Anh, Head of Policy and International Cooperation Division, Authority of Telecommunications, Ministry of Information and Communications

Mr. Tran Tuan Anh, currently a Head of Policies and Planning Mechanism Department, Ministry of Information and Communications, is experienced in Telecommunications management and development in Vietnam.

He has participated in and played an important role in the deployment of Broadband Wireless Networks in Vietnam, such as WiMAX, IMT 2000, LTE/LTE-A. In 2009, Mr. Tuan Anh took part in the licensing examination for 3G wireless – mobile broadband service, conducted by Ministry of Information and Communications, as an inspector. He also contributed to the proposal of the official legal documents complement on Telecommunication in Vietnam, such as Telecommunications Act; Statistics Index System; Telecommunications Master plan; National Broadband Wireless Infrastructure Master plan; Passive Infrastructure Sharing in Telecommunications; Radio Spectrum Master Plan; Digital television transition Project, etc. He evaluated and proof-read several technical-related contents in VinaSAT-1 Project. Mr. Tuan Anh is also taking a role as a speaker, a president, as well as a vice president in both national and international conference, namely WITFOR 2009, APECTEL 43, WCIT12 with the featured theme of Reviewing the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITR).

Mr. Tuan Anh Tran graduated from the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering in the Russian Federation, majoring in Information Radio (1992). Protecting the Ph.D. thesis, Technical Major in the Russian Federation (1995), Mr. Tuan Anh Tran worked as a teaching assistant and a lecturer at the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering, Radio Information Science Department.

Report of Survey on customers’ satisfaction with 4G LTE services

“The assessment of customer’s satisfaction about 4G service providers in Vietnam in 2017”

The survey was conducted by IDG Vietnam from 1st April to 1st July 2017 in 8 major cities/provinces. The number of successful questionnaires was 13,828 (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City’s population accounted for 88%) of people who have used 4G service according to age, occupation, income and position. The interview questions focused on how the 4G service meet users’ needs, the user’s overall perceptions of 4G quality, as well as the specific evaluation criteria and habits of using 4G service. With each answer, there are 5 levels of detailed assessment for respondents to choose. With the data such as 29% of respondents using 4G for business purposes and 56% of them using for entertainment, it is likely that enterprises will have new business plans. The next will be a positive competitive among network operators, equipment providers, technology and ICT application developers.

Mr. Le Thanh Tam, CEO, IDG Vietnam & ASEAN

Tam Le is currently responsible for two companies of International Data Group (IDG). He is CEO of IDG ASEAN and MRD Join-stock, and be Chairman of the CEO&CIO Club as well as. IDG is the world’s leading technology media, events and research company, reaching over 280 million technology audiences in 97 countries and has revenues of $3.16 billion.
Becoming the CEO of IDG Vietnam since 1999, Tam has restructured the company into an organization having a high growth in sales within IDG corporation and plays an important role in the process of transition from print-based to web-based solutions and events.
Mr. Le also played an important role in establishing IDG Ventures Vietnam, the first US technology venture capital fund in Vietnam fund for IT sectors. He became the CEO of IDG Indochina in 2004, with many successful contributions in creating new products, promoting brands and getting revenue from Laos and Cambodia. He developed a regional expansion model and pushed practice effectively that led to increase ROI on campaigns which are launching and new projects, events in these countries.
Mr. Le became the CEO of IGS Vietnam in 2005 and MRD in 2006, the Chairman of the CEO&CIO Club in 2007. In 2009 he has been nominated as the CEO of IDG ASEAN (includes 10 countries of South East Asia) and then he focused on the development of new digital products and international network expansion for creating strong and sustainable P&L. He has been being responsible for managing regional sales in South East Asia area and IDG Research from 2005 till now.
Before joining IDG in 1999, Mr. Le was in Management Board of British Petroleum/Castrol, Exxon/Esso Oil and Petrochemicals industry. Mr. Tam Le has been honoured to receive the Outstanding Manager Award given by IDG’s Chairman in 2004 at Global Media Institute, Massachusetts. He graduated the from the Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA)course at Harvard Business School. Besides, he holds a degree of Petroleum engineering from Greisswald, Germany. His wife works in the Airline industry and they have 3 sons.

Vietnam: Maximizing 4G LTE potentials & Accelerating the path to 5G

This presentation highlights the opportunities of 4G LTE in Vietnam and Qualcomm’s support to accelerating 4G LTE migration, local device manufacturing and IoT ecosystem.

Mr. Mantosh Malhotra, VP & President, Southeast Asia, Qualcomm Technologies, Incorporated

Mantosh Malhotra is the VP & President for Qualcomm in Southeast Asia. Malhotra oversees the execution of Qualcomm’s business strategies and manages the Company’s business operations throughout the region by driving sales, marketing and engineering programs across multiple countries. He manages and maintains Qualcomm’s relationship with the mobile ecosystem partners and stakeholders.

Malhotra joined Qualcomm in 2004 and was previously regional head for Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore, during which he worked with leading operators and device manufacturers for the adoption of new technologies and products in these markets.

With a mobile telecommunications career spanning 15+ years throughout Asia Pacific, Malhotra brings a wealth of experience in management, business development and engineering. His most recent role prior to Qualcomm was with Agilent Technologies, where he was responsible for developing its wireless business across South Asia Pacific.

Malhotra holds an MBA from Melbourne Business School Australia and Master of Telecommunication Engineering from RMIT University Australia.

The trend of developing IoT services enable over 4G LTE


  • Overview of Iot
  • IoT development strategies of developed countries
  • IoT business model of operators
  • Viettel’s role in Vietnamese market
  • IoT services under 4G’s influences

Mr. Pham Ngoc Son, Director of IoT Center, Viettel Telecom, Viettel Group

Jointly paving the way for 5G

Ms. Zhang Lian, Deputy General Manager, Huawei Vietnam

Ms. Zhang Lian has been involved in telecommunication area for nearly 10 years. Her technical knowledge and management expertise covers the wireless/wireline business.

And now she assumes the position of Deputy General Manager of Huawei Vietnam office, mainly in charge of Solution Sales and Marketing.


The important role of IPV6 with development of 4G/ 5G and IoT

Mr. Nguyen Trung Kien, Deputy Manager, Technical Department, VNNIC

Mr. Nguyen Trung Kien has worked at VNNIC since 2010, with experiences in Telecommunications and IT. He is an expert in Internet service research and developing, now taking care of the networks, national DNS/DNSSEC for VN …He participated in DNS, DNSSEC and IPv6 training.



Mr. Le Van Tuan, Deputy Director General, Authority of Radio Frequency Management,Ministry of Information and Communications

Tran Tuan Anh, Head of Policy and International Cooperation Division,Authority of Telecommunications, Ministry of Information and Communications

Mr. Alex Orange, Director, Government Affairs, Taiwan, Southeast Asia & Pacific, Qualcomm Incorporated

Mr. Vu Hoang Lien, The Chairman, Vietnam Internet Association

Mr. Nguyen Trung Kien, Deputy Manager, Technical Department, VNNIC


Role of 4G LTE in IoT/Smart City Applications Development in Vietnam

In October 2016, four telecoms operators – Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobifone and Gtel – were granted licenses to set up networks and provide 4G LTE telecommunication services. Currently, 4G LTE services are provided to 95% of the population in the country. Planning and deployment of LTE IoT services on 4G LTE networks is critical when the need for smart IoT / Smart City applications in Vietnam is booming.

Mr. Tran Minh Tuan, Deputy Director, National Institute of Information and Communications Strategy, Ministry of Information and Communications

LTE: The Need for Speed! (from a QoE perspective)

This 30 mins session will cover the critical aspects of maintaining consistent high quality LTE Networks via the process of Active Testing and Reporting. High levels of LTE Quality of Experience (QoE) is essential in both National & International Roaming scenarios. Respective LTE test scenarios from SIGOS’ Customers worldwide will be shared during this informative session. Please do not miss it!

Mr. Patrick Tang, Vice President, Asia Pacific, SIGOS GmbH

Patrick Tang’s current position – Vice President, Asia Pacific ‐ provides overall Sales Leadership and Management in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. He drives all service offerings in alignment with the SIGOS solutions strategy, sales revenue management, account management and customer outcomes.

Patrick worked at SIGOS GmbH (Germany) since February 2009 as the Product Marketing Director where he was responsible for identifying innovative technology trends and new technical requirements amongst Mobile Network Operators with regards to Roaming and International Interconnect businesses.

Patrick has more than 18 years of Telecommunications experience, having worked for Network Operators such as StarHub (Singapore), Telstra (Australia) and Verizon Business (USA).

He was actively involved in GSMA Workgroups’ activities and had positively contributed to industry papers specifically on Roaming, Interconnect, Quality Assurance, Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance.

Patrick received the IQCS certification as an ISO 9000:2000 Quality Management System (QMS) Auditor by the IRCA Registration Governing Board and has participated in the Specialist Diploma in Infocomm Technology in Singapore. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Australia.

Optical Solutions for 4G LTE Networks and Beyond

The deployment of mobile communications services continues at an accelerated pace around the world, driven by the need to support new, portable subscriber applications with increasing bandwidth demand. These deployments include primarily networks based on 4G LTE technology, with some of the leading service providers already planning the introduction of next-generation 5G networks. Fiber optics plays an increasingly critical role in interconnecting the core to the complex RF elements in these networks, and optical technology continues to innovate to provide backhaul and front-haul solutions which enable a more efficient utilization of the existing fiber network infrastructure. The talk covers some of these available solutions, including DWDM, optical channel tunability and bidirectional modules, to support D-RAN and C-RAN architectures in current 4G LTE deployments and beyond.

Mr. Tony Pearson, Senior Director, Business Development, Finisar

With over twenty-six years of experience working in the Optics Industry, Tony brings experience in design, operations, sales and marketing of fiber optic components for Telecom and Datacentre buildouts.

Tony currently focuses on the EMEA market, but having been based in both the Europe and the US, managing business on all continents, he aims to deliver global best practices and leveraged solutions to a rapidly growing space with ever increasing demands on bandwidth density, power efficiency and reduced cost per bit.

How can enterprise protect against cyber-attacks?

Mr. Nguyen Duc Dung, Manager of Business Development, Center of Cloud value – added services, CMC Telecom

He has 9 years experience in IT sector (Server, Hosting, Domain, SSL) including both Sales and Technique. He holds a lot of experience in working with international businesses/clients. He has been participating in R&D with Cloud Server development team of CMC since 2014.

Operation & Security monitoring for IOT & 4G

The development of 4G and IOT bring a lot of benefits. But come with these is unpredictability security issues. Is the current security technology sufficient to prevent today’s attacks?

In his presentation, the speaker will present a new approach, using big data technology to monitor the operation and security of the entire IT infrastructure.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Dat, Deputy CEO, Vietnam Cyberspace Security Technology (VNCS)

Mr Nguyen Thanh Dat, Deputy CEO and CTO of Vietnam Cyberspace Security Technology (VNCS), a top leading Information Security company in Vietnam. He is in charge of leading technology development strategy and managing technical department with Presales, Deployment, R&D and Services teams for VNCS.

With nearly 10 years of working experience in information security in Viet Nam, he has done quite amount of research and training in cybersecurity attacks, penetration testing for many financial and government agencies in Vietnam. His work also involves consulting on how to build security strategy, policies and select security solutions as Firewall, IPS, SIEM…

Before joining VNCS, He was in charge of National coordination and Incident Response Team at Viet Nam Computer Emergency Response Team Vietnam (VNCERT) with a focus on handling emergency incidents responses and collaboration with other information security organizations in the region.

He is also the Lead Architect to develop VNCS Web Monitoring solution that has been awarded Sao Khue, Vietnam Talent and ITC ASEAN awards and used in many organizations in Vietnam.

He holds a Master Degree in Information Security and various international security certificates of SANS, EC-Council and Splunk.


Orientation of managing services enable over 4G LTE

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Cuong, Vice Chairman, Vietnam Digital Communication Association

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Cuong is currently the Vice Chairman of Vietnam Digital Communication Association.

Previously, he assumed several positions:

– General Director of Vietnam Multimedia Corporation (VTC) which is the leading corporation in terms of technology, media and digital content of Vietnam with the main units including Digital Television (VTC), VTC Technology and Digital Company (VTC Intecom), VTC Online and VTC Mobile.

– Deputy Director of The Vietnam Institute of Software and Digital Content under Ministry of Information and Communications specializing in doing research, establishing and implementing strategies, policies and training human resources in software and digital content industry.

Powering the IoT Growth by 4G and 5G Technologies

The presentation will share the IoT market potential and opportunities, and how 4G LTE technology is being evolved in order to support the IoT ecosystem.  The future 5G technology with timeline for the support of massive IoT will also be discussed.

Mr. Patrick Tsie, Senior Director, Technical Marketing, Qualcomm Technologies, Incorporated

Dr. Patrick TSIE serves as Senior Director – Technical Marketing of Qualcomm International Inc for more than 15 years.  He is responsible for promoting the advanced wireless technologies and Qualcomm product solution in South East Asia region. Patrick also leads a team to provide advice & consultancy for the technical engineering solutions to the regional operators. Patrick has vast experience to work with both carriers and device manufacturers on developing solutions for the regional needs.

Prior to joining Qualcomm, Patrick worked for Hutchison Telecom (HK) Ltd, and was responsible for the cellular network projects.

Patrick received his Ph.D. degree in Mobile Communication from the King’s College London. 

The role of 4G LTE in developing IoT solutions for smart city


  1. Clarify the Topic
    • IoT
    • SmartCity and IoT solution for SmartCity
    • The Role of 4G LTE in Developing IoT Applications for Smart City
  2. Introduction to E2E IoT model
    • Indicate the location and role of 4G LTE in this model
    • Emphasis on connecting things and people
  3. Introduction to Smart Cities and Solutions
    • Introduce Smart City model, with related fields
    • Emphasize the citizen-centrix Smart City model
    • To analyze the aspects to find the importance and role of 4G LTE
    • Compare 4G LTE with other comparable technologies
  4. Analyze the subjects involved in the Smart City model and the benefits and related contributions
    • People
    • Operator
    • IoT Platform providers
    • IoT Device providers
    • IoT Application providers
  5. Conclution

Mr. Pham Van Thang, Deputy Director, IoT Center, VNPT – Technology


-1999-2004: Engineering degree of Hanoi University of Technology – Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications

– 2004 – 2012: CCNA, CCNP, Alcatel IN/OCS certificate, Oracle, Sun solaris training courses-

– 2013-2015: MBA at Foreign Trade University2.

2.    8 years experience in IP and Telco networking expert

2004- 2005: ADSL Technical Support – Troubleshoot ADSL lines of End Users and DSLAM sometime  –

2005-2008: IP, WAN Networking Technical Support with CCNA, CCNP certification-

2005-2012:  IN (Intelligent Network)/OCS – Platform and Networking Technical Support

3.     5 years experience in Telco, VNPT Technology products, IoT as a sale/presale

–        2013- 2015:  VNPT Technology products (OTT, cellphone, Modem…) as a Sale Manager

–        2015- 2016:  Telco solution (EPC, OCS, Billing, Core Firewall) as a Presale Manager-        2017: IoT Sale (Deputy Director – Bussiness Center)

The current status of e-commerce portal in Vietnam

Mr. Alexandre Dardy, CEO, Lazada Vietnam

Alexandre Dardy is the Chief Executive Officer of Lazada Vietnam, a venture of Lazada Group, the number one shopping and selling destination in Southest Asia. Under his lead from August 2014, Lazada is focusing on not only its online business but also building the ecosystem for e-commerce in Vietnam. The company has becomed the leading e-commerce company in this country.

He began his career at McKinsey & Company in Paris where he was a key member of the European HighTech Practice. Over the duration of 9 years at the firm, Alexandre specialised in the Telecom and Retail industry where he provided strategic counsel to address the challenges the industry faced.

In June 2013, Alexandre then joined Lazada in Vietnam as a Chief Commercial Officer where he was in charge of the development of the Marketplace. 8/2014, he got promoted to be CEO of the company, and he is taking responsible for running all facets of the business.

Alexandre graduated with a Master Degree from Ecole Polytechnique in France and holds an MBA from INSEAD, a pretigious business institution presents in both Europe and Asia.

Smart City as a Customer of 4G LTE

Mr. Phan Thanh Son, CTO, FPT IS

Mr. Son has over 20 years’ experience in ICT sales management, channel management, business development, consulting, technical and general management. He has worked with customers in various industry segments including Public Sector, Telco, FSI, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Education, Military, Real Estate/Construction/Hospitality, Retail, Education, Healthcare and Transportation.

Joining FPT Information System (FPT IS – a member of FPT Corporation) since 4/2017 as Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Son is expected to promote the research and application of new technologies & solutions and bring technological inspiration to the business activities of the FPT IS, increasing the quality of projects and ensuring improved services for customers. FPT IS is the leading company in Vietnam and the region with more than 20 years experiences in providing system integration, IT services, solutions and services for Public Sector, Public Finance, Banking – Finance, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Transportation, Utilities…

Prior to FPT Information System, Son worked for corporations including Cisco, Equant (now Orange Business Services), Vietsovpetro, Tradivico-IBC and T&C in various roles. Most recent he was an independent ICT advisor and a senior consultant for Simitri, Miller Heiman. Son was Country Manager cum Partner Operation Manager of Cisco Systems Vietnam. During his 15 years with Cisco, Son was widely recognized by customers, partners, and the public for his critical role in driving success for the Cisco business in Vietnam. He represented Cisco as Cisco Vietnam CTO/ GD in Vietnam public associations and forums. He regularly speaks at public forums and events on future technology trends and opportunities, including Digital Transformation, Internet of Everything/ Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, Education 3.0, STEM/ STEAM Education and Cyber Security. He worked closely with government, private and NGO organizations such as Ministries, Cities, Corporations, UNESCO, USTDA, WEF to explore and accelerate the strategic partnerships between digital technology ecosystem and the organizations for national/ industry digital transformational initiatives.

Son holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from HCMC Polytechnic and studied Communications at Vietnam Academy of Military Technology. He successfully completed the 10 month Leadership Excellence and Accelerated Development program by Harvard Business Publishing under Harvard Business School.